SORD and the REF 2021 results

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Members of SORD were returned in REF2021, under Unit of Assessment 3: Allied Health Professions. REF (Research Excellence Framework) is a UK-wide exercise in assessing the quality of research in all universities.

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It consists of three parts: the quality of published research papers (counting for 60% of the mark); the quality of the research environment (counting for 15% of the mark); the quality of specific impact case studies (counting for 25% of the mark). The work of SORD was one of the impact case studies in this unit of assessment and its published work was returned in this unit of assessment.

Overall, the Unit of Assessment 3 submission for University of Manchester was deemed 2nd in the UK (out of 89) for Grade Point Average and 7th in the UK for Research Power.

Research publications are judged on a 4 point scale with 4* meaning world leading and 3* meaning internationally excellent. For UoA 3 at UoM (where SORD’s work was returned), 96% of all publications were rated either 3 or 4 star and 63% were 4* (world leading).

The research environment was rated as 100% 4* (world leading).

77.8% of the impact case studies were rated as 4* (world leading).

A full copy of the impact case study in English has been published by REF 2021 and can be found here.

A brief summary of the SORD impact case study in BSL can be found below.