Dean’s Prize Fellowship Awarded to Dr Pedro Papotto

by | Nov 29, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Dr Pedro Papotto, a Research Fellow from the Allen Lab, has been awarded a distinguished FBMH Dean’s Prize Fellowship for his work on understanding how immune responses to infections are regulated at the organismal level and the role of unconventional T cells in orchestrating these processes. 

The Dean’s Prize Fellowship offers pump-prime funding to promote the careers of aspiring academic researchers by bridging the difficult career gap between excellent postdoctoral researchers and research independence, giving them the opportunity to apply for externally funded prestigious fellowships. 

“The Dean’s Prize Fellowship will give me the time and resources to build a strong application and fully transition to independence. Ultimately, this fellowship will allow me to fully develop my own scientific questions and start a research group at the University of Manchester.”


Dr Pedro Papotto

Pedro Papotto was born and raised in Brazil, where he obtained his degree in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the University of São Paulo. After obtaining his M.Sc. degree in Immunology from Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas also at the University of São Paulo, Pedro joined the LisbonBioMed PhD program from Instituto de Medicina Molecular in Lisbon, Portugal. Under the supervision of Prof. Bruno Silva-Santos, Pedro developed his thesis investigating the mechanisms of activation and differentiation of a subset of unconventional T lymphocytes, known as γδ T cells, and their relevance in regulating auto-inflammation and immunity to infections. Pedro then moved to the University of Manchester on a competitive EMBO Postdoctoral fellowship under the supervision of Prof. Judi Allen