Pathways into Policy – Social Science Alumni Stories

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Booklet created and introduced by Professor Jackie Carter

Social Science students often wonder what they can do with their degree. If you are an undergraduate Social Science student at the University of Manchester you will be studying Politics and International Relations, Criminology, Social Statistics, Sociology, Social Anthropology or a combination of these on the BA in Social Sciences degree. Or you may be studying Law, or for a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) or be on the BA Economics and Social Studies degree. If you are a graduate student, you will be specialising in your area of interest.

You will read a lot. Be introduced to many theories.  Have opportunity to discuss ideas and be challenged on your thinking. You may have some practical lab classes in data analysis.

You may also have the opportunity to put your learning into practice through a work placement or internship or a year-long Professional Year of Experience, or spend time studying abroad.

During your time at The University of Manchester you may join a society or undertake volunteering or engage with extra-curricular activity. You will probably have a constant eye on how your degree could lead to employment or further study in an
area that you are motivated by and interested in. But you may not know what a degree in social science can lead to and be curious about what type of career you can progress into.

Some of you might be interested in following a career in a policy-related area. Others will have no idea what this entails, especially if you are not connected with people who work in this space.

This booklet will help you find out what a graduate policy-related career can look like for someone studying social science at The University of Manchester. By gathering stories from those who have gone before you, the purpose of this publication is to show you what is possible.

All of the people included here are former social science students. One of the most important aspects of this collection of alumni voices is to provide information that will help you see the relevance of your degree to a role in policy.

Read on and – hopefully – be inspired:


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