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It is well-known that a diverse staff increases the efficiency, productivity and competitive advantage of any organisation: a study has found gender equality in the workplace could add $4.3 trillion (£3 trillion) to the US economy by 2025.

Within FBMH it’s more than just a good thing to have diversity; as we work closely with the varied local communities of Manchester, treating patients and working with the NHS, our research often has global significance and the courses on offer attract students from all over the world. Therefore it’s absolutely essential that our staff can relate to this mix of who we work with.

Data on our staff allows inequalities to be identified; for example data from 2017/2018 showed an under representation of BAME female senior academics. Being able to identify this issue allows us to work to address it, like by speaking to BAME female early career researchers to identify barriers to their career progression.

Unfortunately, knowing the problem can often be half of the battle. One issue is that the University doesn’t have enough information on LGBT staff and staff with disabilities. This information is essential to identify inequalities and where support is needed to help marginalised groups.

That’s why we’re encouraging everyone to update their equality information on MyView; data submitted is completely secure and confidential so everyone can feel safe entering their personal information. A quick and easy way to support the University’s advancement to a more equal, diverse and inclusive workplace!

Written by Ciara Wright


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