International Men’s Day 19 November 2019 – Men Leading By Example

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Biological Sciences | 0 comments

We need your help! This year is a fantastic theme, to get men talking/ sharing anything from what IMD means to you and how you lead by example in your work role/ or home life, to who inspires you or even how you lead by example by looking after your mental and physical. We need male volunteers to come forward for International Men’s Day, and share their views and experiences. This does not have to be lengthy, and it is your voice, sharing what matters to you.

We would also like to signpost people to International Men’s Day events in and around the city and at the university. If you have any events on, please could you tell us about them for inclusion by providing full details/ and or a link to the event. Plus any guidance or resources we could link to.


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