Have you seen this season’s Learning for All?

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Have you seen this season’s Learning for All?

Staff Learning and Development produce Learning for All every season, which gives a run-down on all things learning for us. You can find the publication on the Staff L&D website. This season’s has a calming meadow scene! Inside you will find a range of great resources.

The greatest learning opportunities come from experiential and social learning, but what does this kind of learning look like? How can you identify what activities translate to learning through experiences, relationships or more formal learning situations?

To help understand this philosophy, referred to as the 70:20:10 model, here are some examples of how this might apply to learning in your role. Take a look at each of the circles in this diagram to see examples of learning actions in each section.

Included in Learning for All are links to all sorts of resources that can help your day-to-day learning activities. It’s not just about the courses we go on, but your wider learning and how it is put into practice. There are a wide range of resources that can be used to sharpen up your skills.

LinkedIn Learning
This platform is available in various places across the University. Learning is provided through bitesize modules. Sign up to LinkedIn Learning via the Training Catalogue.

Learning and Development Toolkit
Here you’ll find articles, podcasts, videos and infographics to support your learning. The resources are grouped in topics including: personal skills, leadership and managing teams.

All these sources of learning will be great to keep in mind as you’re preparing for your P&DR. It’s good to remember that we can look beyond traditional classroom based learning for our development. In fact, there is a piece about P&DR in Learning for All this season, you can find it on page 10. It contains key information about the process, as well as a link to a template to keep track of your personal development plan, and a link to the Managers’ Essentials resource, which will take you to information on planning for your P&DR and how to complete it.

Check out Learning for All today!


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