The following artists are collaborating with the research team, producing work that reflects on the relationship between comics and race in Latin America.


Lucía Brutta

Lucía Gómez (Brutta). Generation 1986, born in Puerto Barranqueras, Chaco, Argentina. She lives and works in Buenos Aires as a screenprinter and illustrator. She started creating comics in the Eugenio Zoppi School, first publishing her comics in the fanzine Caca in 2010. She is the author of the book Un Millón de Bandas Malas. She has contributed to several comics anthologies including Informe: Historieta argentina del siglo, Pibas, Capisci, and to several magazines including Fierro y Barcelona.

Lucía is on Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook.



Grupo Kalay'i (Osvaldo Villagra, Lourdes Rivera, Pamela Rivera, Luis Colque)

Luis ColqueLuis Miguel Armando Colque is a teacher of visual arts and alumni of the Escuela Provincial de Bellas Artes “Tomás Cabrera” in the city of Salta, Argentina. He participates in workshops in the psychiatric clinc “Monte Carmelo” and the day centre “El Árbol de la Vida”, which hosts young people and adults with different disabilities. He is a teacher in the Instituto de Educación Superior 6012 for the course “Educación artística y su didáctica: Lenguaje plástico visual” in the Carrera Profesorado de Educación Inicial. He is a member of the artistic collective “2.0”.

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Lourdes RiveraLourdes Ada Raquel Rivera Giradinaro is a graphic designer, photographer, and National Instructor of Taekwondo. She was the first regional coordinator of Mujer en el Deporte (2021), and contributed to courses on gender and sport in the Programa Mujer en el Deporte del Comité Olímpico Argentino (2021).

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Osvaldo VillagraOsvaldo Villagra is a member of the wichí community Tsetwo P’itsek (La Puntana, Santa Victoria Este, Salta). He is a student of Profesorado y Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Educación, Facultad de Humanidades in the Universidad Nacional de Salta. He led the workshop “Wichí Lhämtes” in the Instituto de Educación Media “Dr. Arturo Oñativia”, as part of the proyect “Acercándonos a la Educación Intercultural” between 2012 and 2017. He works as a link between between the health system and people from indigenous communities who come to the city of Salta for health reasons. He is the scriptwriter of the comic Hätäy (2020) and the film Husek (2020) (the latter in collaboration with Daniela Seggiaro).


Pamela RiveraPamela Rosa Amelia Rivera Giardinaro is Licenciada en Letras from the Universidad Nacional de Salta. She is a secondary school teacher of language and literature in the city of Salta. She is a member of the research project N° 2539 “Poéticas migrantes y políticas de la memoria en la literatura y la cultura latinoamericanas (2005-2018)”, within the Consejo de Investigación of the Universidad Nacional de Salta. She won first prize in Essay category in Salta’s regional literary competition in 2014. She was awarded a Becas Creación 2021 grant from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes for the project Siwok lhamet: Notichunhayaj tha wichi yame wet Laureano Segovia lesainek about the work of the wichí writer Laureano Segovia, in collaboration with Roberto González.


Michael Guetio

Author portrait Michael GuetioMichael Guetio Cobo is a member of the Nasa indigneous community of the Cauca region in Colombia. Throughout his life he has taught himself the artistic processes that he is developing. Currently he is leading the creation of the comic the’sa and is also coordinating the publications production team for the Concejo Regional Indígena del Cauca (CRIC).

Wilson Borja

Image Wilson BorjaVisual artist and animator. Former Fulbright scholar. After graduating as a graphic designer Wilson has worked illustrating books, magazines and audio-visual materials for over 15 years. Through drawing, painting, printmaking and animation, his investigative work explores different aspects of migration and the African diaspora. As well as a practising artist he is also currently a lecturer in the Facultad de Artes of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Wilson is part of the Afro artists collective Aguaturbia and the Consejo Audiovisual Afrodescendiente de Colombia WI DA MONIKONGO, as well as acting as the co-director of the graphic laboratory LaCimbra.

Wilson has his own website and is on Linktree.




Jesús Cossio

Photograph of Jesús CossioAuthor of Rupay: Historias gráficas sobre la violencia política, 1980-1984 (co-authored with Alfredo Villar and Luis Rossell), Barbarie: Cómics sobre la violencia política, 1985-1990, and Los años del terror: 50 preguntas sobre el conflicto armardo internoRupay and Barbarie have been published in Spain, France, Austria, and Brazil. Jesús is also the author of the comic strip Las increíbles aventuras del hombre que no se hacía dramas and the work Joaquín Jayme: Un escalvo liberto en el Perú del siglo XIX.

Jesús has been invited to participate in comic festivals in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. He has worked as a drawing teacher for the Concurso de Historietas sobre Memoria organised by the CMAN (Comisión Multisectorial de Alto Nivel para las Reparaciones). He is currently a member of the project Retratos de memoria, for which he is drawing portraits based on testimony and direct family photographs of those disappeared during the Internal Armed Conflict in Peru.

Jesús is on Facebook and Instagram.

Cristina Zavala

Cristina Zavala Portugal, Peruvian illustrator, studied printmaking in Bellas Artes and art in the U.N.M.S.M., and is a self-taught 2D animator. She has participated in book and design fairs like FID Costa Rica, TRIMARCHI Argentina, FIL Guadalajara México, as part of illustrator collectives. She is currently working as a 2D animator on the film Cabeza Negra and contributing to the creation of the book Café Palermo, a project that won an Estímulos Económicos para la Cultura award from the Ministerio de Cultura in Peru.

Cristina tiene Instagram y Vimeo.

Cristina Zavala author image