There are a number of different Researchers from The University of Manchester involved in the project. Learn more about each team member and their research interests.

James Scorer - Principal Investigator

Dr James Scorer is the Principal Investigator on the project. His research on comics has focused on graphic biographies of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, the relationship between comics and memory in Latin America, and how comics circulate ‘beyond the page’ in the region. Previously the PI on the international research network Comics and the Latin American City, funded by The Leverhulme Trust, he is currently writing a book on twenty-first-century Latin American comics.

Peter Wade - Co-Investigator

Professor Peter Wade is a Co-Investigator on the project. He has worked on issues of race and racism in Latin America for many years, with a particular interest in Colombia. He has studied the relationship between popular music, race and nation in Colombia and directed a project looking at how genomic science is inflected by ideas about race mixture, nation and gender. He has been taking a leading role in projects that focus on anti-racist activism in Latin America (with a book appearing in 2022) and on art and anti-racism in the region (which builds on a book co-edited in 2019 with James Scorer).

Portrait of Peter: Panchulei

Abeyamí Ortega - Research Associate

Abeyamí Ortega is a Postdoctoral Research Associate on the project. Her work on visual culture and ‘race’ has focused on issues of racism and anti-racism, media, and citizenship. She has researched art practices, social movements and gendered state violence in Mexico, and migration and cultural heritage in transnational border contexts. She has co-convened collaborative projects linking scholarly, activist, and artistic work through creative methods on social justice in the Global South, from critical transfeminist anti-racist perspectives.

Malena Bedoya - Research Associate

Dr Malena Bedoya is another Postdoctoral Research Associate on the project. Her work has focused on the discussion of collections, museums and archives in different countries of the Andean region in the 19th and 20th centuries. Her work has also explored the processes of musealization in the context of Universal Exhibitions. Her curatorial projects are based on the theoretical and methodological approaches of microhistory, visual studies, material culture and public history.

Catalina Delgado Rojas - Research Administrator

Catalina is currently the Research Administator on the project. She a PhD student in Museology at the University of Manchester. Her research has focused on women in sports; public art heritage in Colombia; and approaches to gender in Latin American museums and symbolic reparations. As a cultural manager, she has developed projects in museum education, assorting archives, curating exhibitions and creating cultural heritage ­­­projects in Colombia.

Drawing: Michael Guetio