‘COVID behaviour fatigue’ can affect messaging and communication.

Evidence suggests that behaviour fatigue was a reason support for mitigation measures slipped for both workers and passengers. In addition was the influence of risk habituation (increased acceptance of a perceived risk), and perception of a reduced risk due to vaccinations and recovery rates from COVID-19.

The following are evidence-based recommendations for increasing the impact of messaging, which may help overcome ‘COVID behaviour fatigue’.

  • Lead by example to promote support for mitigation measures. Managers at all levels, and especially immediate line managers need to be aware of the impact of their behaviour. The organisational culture should encourage support of measures.
  • Consider using emotive triggers within messaging about use of face coverings to convey the reason for wearing them.
  • Consider representation of ‘trusted’ experts to deliver messaging such as doctors and community champions.
  • Considering how and when to communicate changing COVID-19 rates could have implications for people’s willingness to continue performing protective practices such as wearing face coverings.


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