What we know – high confidence statements

by | Oct 5, 2022 | High, Key Messages | 0 comments

  • Well-made face-coverings which fully cover the nose and mouth are effective at reducing the amount of virus emitted by infected people 
  • Well-made and properly worn face-coverings are effective at reducing exposure to virus particles
  • Transmission risks are most effectively reduced when there are a range of measures implemented determined by what is going on in the space
  • Reducing close face-to-face interactions can reduce risks, but there is no “safe” distance in most indoor environments
  • Managing the number of people in a building or room can have a significant effect on the risk of transmission
  • There is no evidence that foggers are useful when applied in a room with occupants present, and they may cause harm
  • Mechanical ventilation can be effective at reducing the risk of transmission providing there is sufficient fresh air flow or good filtration
  • Good ventilation can significantly reduce the risk of exposure to virus particles


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