DiCED holds its first Online Workshop

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Topic: DiCED has held its first (virtual) workshop, bringing together project partners and experts. We briefly describe the event in this post.


The first DiCED team workshop was held virtually June 18-19. It brought together the University of Manchester team of researchers with project partners Who Targets Me and YouGov as well as country and methods experts from the UK, U.S., Poland, France and the Netherlands. Across two afternoons the participants heard from the PI and key members of the team about the plans for the data collection at the macro, party and micro or individual level.

The workshop began with an overview presentation by Rachel in which she outlined the key research questions of the project and how these mapped onto the methodologies that will be used. Presentations then followed from YouGov about the survey and social media analysis (SoMA) panel construction, and DiCED Data Manager about plans for storing and accessing the data.

The second day featured talks by Who Targets Me and Dr. Kate Dommett, outlining the micro-targeted online political advertising (MOPA) exposure study. Esmeralda Bon, the DiCED Research Associate gave an overview of the regulatory environment surrounding parties use of data-driven campaigning.

The implications of Co-vid 19 for the study were highlighted in the final session. Notably, the emphasis on digital campaigning was expected to increase in the U.S. election compared to previous years, as parties, candidates and voters eschew face-to-face interactions in favour of virtual ones.

The event ended with a commitment to hold further virtual and in-person events in the coming year to disseminate initial findings and build plans for collaborate research and outputs.


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