DiCED goes to South-Africa!

by | Dec 9, 2023 | Events | 0 comments

On January 25-26, DiCED’s own Rachel Gibson will be in Cape Town, South Africa, to attend IPE24: the International PolCampaigns Expo.

The theme of this two-day event is “Transforming Political Campaigns: How AI and Big Data Amplify Voter Engagement and Shape Political Campaigns in Africa”. Rachel will be part of a panel on the first day to share a Western perspective on how AI affects modern political campaigns. At the event, there will also be panels and deliberations about the use of Big Data in political campaigns, about the use of AI in political communication (and how to navigate truth and deception), and how to regulate the use of AI in political campaigns. 

(Featured photo of the “Golden Cape Town Coast” by boldfrontiers, licensed under CC BY)