Outstanding staff awards

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Outstanding staff awards

Has your teacher, supervisor or administrator made a difference to your learning and development, or engaged you through an effective and innovative use of technology? Recognise and celebrate them by nominating them for an award.

Nominating is really easy to do and should only take 10 minutes of your time. Submit your nomination online by completing the outstanding staff awards nominations survey by the 10th May.

Outstanding teaching award (NB: includes TAs)

Does your teacher inspire you to learn and do your best?  We are looking to recognise and celebrate those teaching staff who consistently provide a well-organised course that is taught effectively and supported through high quality assessment and feedback.  We want to know who engages and challenges you in a supportive manner and motivates you to learn.

Outstanding supervisor award

Has your supervisor had a significant, positive impact on your experience of undertaking your dissertation (or long essay or research project) through their support, guidance and advice?  We are looking to recognise and celebrate those supervisors who have been approachable and offered you exemplary advice and support to develop your skills as an independent researcher.  Your supervisor will have challenged you and inspired you in your independent thinking and learning, encouraging you to develop your own lines of enquiry and think critically about your work.

Outstanding professional services (PS) staff award

Is there a member of staff, not directly involved in teaching, who has positively contributed to your experience as a student? We are looking to recognise and celebrate members of staff who are helpful and supportive with a positive attitude, who demonstrate exceptional care or assistance towards students. They may have helped you or fellow students through a difficult academic or pastoral situation or they may have ‘gone the extra mile’ to ensure an issue has been effectively resolved.

Outstanding technology enhanced learning (TEL) award (this replaces the previous best on Blackboard award)

Is there somebody who has particularly engaged you through an effective use of technology? Have you seen or experienced a particularly innovative use of teaching techniques, of assessment tasks or of learning materials that, supported by educational technologies, has spurred your learning or your engagement on the subject matter? We like to celebrate that ‘best’ use of technology. Know about those individuals who, in your experience, have mastered peer/interactive/collaborative learning online, multimedia for learning and/or who have effectively integrated technology in learning/assessment in a way that has challenged but enhanced your digital skills.