Where will volunteering take you?

by | Oct 25, 2019 | My future | 0 comments

Volunteering is a great way to have loads of fun, help maintain your wellbeing and meet new friends. And to top it off, volunteering will count towards your Stellify Award as well as help you stand out from the crowd when looking for jobs!

There’s loads of volunteering opportunities out there for you to try; from entertaining older people with music and cultural activities, to teaching children first aid skills, to getting green and grubby at local parks.


The University’s Volunteering and Community Engagement Team works with hundreds of charities and not-for-profit organisations in and around Manchester, all offering you volunteering opportunities. These organisations advertise on Volunteer Hub, so go and take a look and see what takes your fancy. There are loads of long term opportunities available to you on Volunteer Hub if you are really keen to commit to something you’re passionate about. Likewise, short term volunteering is also available, giving you the chance to try something out.


You’ll also find a selection of Volunteer Days on Volunteer Hub. These allow you to dip in and out of volunteering as they only last a day or half a day. Taking part in a Volunteer Day, you’ll volunteer alongside other students and you could be involved in bag packing for a local charity, painting a mural at a primary school or planting trees.



“We also work with an array of international trusted partners to ensure that if you choose to volunteer abroad, you are volunteering with a reputable organisation. In fact, the University’s international volunteering flagship programme Team Rwanda will be launching soon – so watch this space!”