Article published: Adapting an online survey platform to permit translanguaging

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The journal Field Methods has recently published the article “Adapting an online survey to permit translanguaging”, authored by Professor Alys Young, Francisco Espinoza, Claire Dodds, Dr Katie Rogers and Rita Giacoppo. The article is part of The READY Study, a research project exploring the lives of deaf young people in their path to adulthood. This study is funded by The National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) and is led by The University of Manchester (Social Research with Deaf People group, SORD) in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh (Scottish Sensory Centre).

In the context of services provision, usually follows monolingual trajectories; this is, a single language. However, the lives of deaf people are far more complex. Depending on the context, deaf people may prefer and take different decisions on the use of language. For instance, deaf young people may prefer to use spoken languages at school and signed languages with friends.

While some surveys offer multilingual options and give participants the possibility to decide with language they will use when responding, it still does not provide the flexibility enough to adapt to the more complex dynamic of languages use. The READY Study is structured to offers to participants the opportunity to explore, engage with and respond simultaneously in more than one language and more than one modality (written, spoken, visual). This permit participants to “draw on multiple and overlapping linguistic knowledge”, reflecting the ways in which deaf people engage in everyday communication and the fluidity of their identities.


  • You can see the full article here (open access)
  • To cite this article (APA): Young, A., Espinoza, F., Dodds, C., Rogers, K., & Giacoppo, R. (2021). Adapting an Online Survey Platform to Permit Translanguaging. Field Methods.
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