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By Jane Crosbie 

About the Network 

I have been part of the FBMH PS Development Network since 2016 and have been lucky enough to organise and be part of really interesting and inspiring events along with the organising committee members (Holly Dewsnip and Joanne Crawshaw, previously Louisa-Jane Smith who setup the network, Fidel Peacock, Helen Haslam-Mousawi and Emma-Louise Cullen).

We usually hold around four events per year around PS development and wellbeing including the now tradition of a Celebration Event in December for all FBMH PS staff, because why not! This year’s Celebration Event will take place on Thursday 5 December with our new Director of Faculty Operations, Vikki Goddard.

Top Tips

 Here are some top tips from previous sessions we hope you find helpful. If you have any other top tips or resources, please join and share via the Network Yammer Page. You can also share your expertise and learn new skills via the Skill Share Database.

Networking will broaden your horizon

Join the network (email to be added to the mailing list) or other similar networks within your area, meet new people, hear new ideas and broaden your knowledge. We are also looking for new members to join the committee. I would really recommend volunteering to help develop your skills, come up with and implement your own ideas to help make a difference.  

Recognise your stress triggers

We all experience some form of stress whether it is in work or at home. It is important to recognise any triggers and not let it take over whether short-term or building up over long-term.

Mind-map those small and big plans

Mind mapping can be really helpful to get ideas and plans onto paper. There’s also software available if you wanted to do this electronically – MindView is available via the Software Centre.

Transition through and embrace change

Change is constant and to be expected. We can thrive during this change and often opportunities will arise. It can help to see the benefits of the change and the reason it is taking place. During times of change, it is good to embrace the motions and surprising how we naturally cope.

Setting SMART objectives and owning your P&DR

Own the process, it is your P&DR. Prepare the form well, include all your strengths, training, good feedback and set objectives for yourself (you are the one doing your job after all) so you own the process and be in control of your work.

Performance = Potential = Interference

It’s good to understand what obstacles might hold you back (creating internal interference) in life, at your job, or within your area that affects your potential and prevents performance.

 Prioritise your wellbeing

We are lucky the University provide a huge amount of wellbeing support from the Staff Wellbeing Blog, 6 Ways to Wellbeing and the Wellbeing Champions Network. Prioritising your lunch break can change your day for the better and you might see or learn something really interesting!

Be bold and agile

Jo Clague (previous Director of Faculty Operations) emphasised this as an area for staff to develop. This includes adapting to change, your surroundings and how you work. Work should be about developing your skills and doing work with as much of your strengths as possible. Also, to make decisions where necessary – are there things you can stop or change to help you in your role and make your day easier – do it!

 Understanding your values will help determine your values

Values are big, emotionally rich ideas that help us make sense of the world and our place in that world. Our values lie behind our choices and our behaviours. Our values shape how we feel about, respond and rise to both our daily lives and our ultimate grand plan. Here’s a good resource to help determine your values.

Anything is possible when you invest

 After receiving Investing in Success funding, the Network organised a full-day training session for a select group of staff to have a day to have space, time and guidance to rethink directions in life. I took away to make a plan, break into small chunks and actually do it! See tweets and resources from the day here.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to get involved in either facilitating or have an idea for a future session. The next session will be a PS career development Q&A panel discussion and networking event. Hopefully see you there!

MAHSC, BRC Education and Training Coordinator

Jane Crosbie


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