Join us for online SHS SR & EDI Seminar Series every last day of the month 1-2pm.

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31st October 2023

Ellen Poliakoff

Parkinson’s from inside out: emerging and unexpected benefits of a long-term partnership

30th November 2023

Helen Chilton

Understanding apprenticeship provision in the context of widening access and social responsibility

11th December 2023

Sam Couth

Turn up, plug in, rock out: An intervention study to promote hearing protection uptake and sustained use for noisy recreational settings

31st January 2024

Lauren Stella and Sami Karamalla-Gaiballa

Diversity in Data

29th February 2024

Sudeh Cheraghi-Sohi, Natasha Tyler, Sarah Mcmullen

UoM Breastfeeding Policy Project

29th March 2024

Hawys Williams

Embedding SR and EDI in the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health

30th April 2024

Rachel Cowen

Inclusive Research

31st May 2024

Natalie Gardiner

 EDI Chartermark applications – more than just tick box exercises

28th June 2024

Maria Panagioti

SR in Division of Population Health

31st July 2024

Alex Prodan


Growing Minds: Cultivating positive Mental Health and Green Living workshop (30 mins)


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