Dr Ellen Poliakoff gave a first talk in our School of Health Sciences (SHS) seminar series, which serves as a platform to promote integration of our social responsibility, equality, diversity and inclusion in our research and teaching endeavors. During her session, Ellen shared her valuable experiences in engaging people with Parkinson’s  in her research, emphasizing how this collaboration has significantly influenced and advanced both her research work and her teaching of Psychology students. Her presentation exemplified the real-world application of these principles, inspiring us to continue promoting social responsibility, equality, diversity and inclusivity in our academic activities. Ellen’s talk marked a significant step towards creating an inclusive and socially responsible environment within SHS.

The comments following Ellen’s session were filled with positivity. Participants found her story of bringing various projects together with a patient and public involvement (PPI) thread truly compelling. Ellen’s presentation about Matthew (the person with Parkinson’s disease) and the research they did together served as a great source of inspiration. The session was highly appreciated for its fascinating content, including the example of a dancing event. Attendees were interested in knowing if all of Parkinson’s UK funding streams now incorporate PPI, and the ensuing discussion was acknowledged with thanks. Furthermore, Ellen’s presentation was deemed a valuable example of good practice for the University of Manchester, potentially inspiring many researchers. The cake analogy was especially appreciated. Overall, the comments reflect the positive impact and inspiration Ellen’s session had on the participants.

This link gives more of the story of Matthew and Ellen’s collaboration (and the cake picture): https://uclpress.scienceopen.com/hosted-document?doi=10.14324/RFA.07.1.01

If you missed the live session, you can watch the recording of Ellen’s talk here: Parkinson’s from inside out: emerging and unexpected benefits of a long-term partnership


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