Meet Charlie: Senior Project Manager and co-chair Research Project Managers Network

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I work within the digital health software team and oversee the delivery of mobile applications and platform technologies that are used in research projects, typically supporting people with long term health conditions, or in some cases helping to improve opportunities for screening and early detection. I have been working in research since I graduated in 2006 in both the NHS and universities. Since 2014, I have been a co-chair of the Research Project Managers’ Network (RPMN) which is a diverse peer support network to promote best practice and create development opportunities for research project and programme managers.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking and baking – making bread by hand is a great way to unwind. Since lockdown started, I have also become a keen gardener trying to grow my own fruit and veg – with limited success! I’m hoping this year we might get enough strawberries for at least one whole portion 😉

I feel very lucky that I love my job, and that is what gets me out of bed in the morning – the recent sunshine helps a great deal with that too!

I think my superpower is being inclusive. I believe it is really important to have a diverse team that spans across a range of different skills – everybody has so much to contribute to the delivery and success of our research and we should strive to recognise and truly value all of those people and all of those skills.

Challenges are important to keep me motivated and to think of novel approaches to work. Continuous improvement is important for progression, although challenging the way things are done has to add value. The example that Claire has written about is a way we have challenged a situation that does not seem to be effective for many of the people involved, and we have worked hard with Vikki to suggest some potential solutions to these challenges. I also actively encourage my team to challenge me and my way of thinking so that we can all learn and develop. I feel fortunate that we work for an organisation at the University of Manchester, where challenging the way things are done is accepted and will help promote growth.

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