Meet Emma: Research Programme Manager, The Christie & co-lead Cancer Research Project Managers Network

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I am responsible for managing the Cancer Prevention & Early Detection (PED) research theme in the Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). Not only this but I also contribute to the strategic direction of Cancer PED research in Manchester, suggesting new collaborations, new avenues of research and identifying areas of unmet need.  I have a BSc in physiology and an MSc in clinical biochemistry which initially drew me into a lab-based clinical scientist role in the NHS. I then side-stepped into drug research in a pharmaceutical company and there began my research career which now spans almost 20 years! I have worked for big pharma, contract research organisations and in academia. 

 Outside of work I have 2 young children who are very demanding on my time, particularly whilst we home-school. I love exercise and enjoy running and CrossFit and can’t wait for the gyms to re-open!

 I am motivated by the need to add value and make a difference. Just delivering on what is stated in my job description is not enough. I always want to do more and to help others do the same, hence my involvement in various networks such as the Cancer Research Project Manager network which I lead jointly with 2 other Project Managers, and the Women in Science network. Cancer PED research is so varied. I get to work with diverse teams across Faculties within the University, across NHS Trusts and with other BRC’s across the country. This comes with its challenges and it’s important to invest time getting to know how people in other organisations work so we can form meaningful and productive collaborations.  My super power is probably juggling dozens of tasks simultaneously but I do need to get better at delegating! 

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