I Choose To Challenge Us All

by | Mar 8, 2021 | International Women's Day | 0 comments

I am not sure about you, but one of the most frustrating by-products of the COVID-19 pandemic is the feeling that in many households across the country, there was an expectation, which felt a lot like stepping back in time.

The sense of responsibility towards our children, or parents, or friends and neighbours who have needed extra input of care due to school closures or illness or shielding over this last 12 months was felt in an unequal way.

Those words were selected carefully…. Read them again. 

Putting others before yourself is the ultimate personal sacrifice. Some of us possess that gift and some of us simply do not.

I am so proud of those humans who have put other humans first, who have shelved aspirations and progression to concentrate on the things that mattered in real time.  In fact, I am in awe of them. Whether it was the trip of a lifetime, their big wedding or the next step on the career ladder, dreams for 2020 were shattered all over the place.  Loved ones were lost, movements stifled and freedom restricted.

Some things will never be the same, but some things can be brought back, re-established and re-started.  Those selfless people who cryogenically stored their dreams deserve to emerge from this with hearts filled with self-assurance, recognition of their contribution and every encouragement to grab their life back with both hands.

Spread your wings and fly on the winds of gratitude and knowledge that you truly are a good human.

This International Women’s Day I choose to challenge every individual in this organisation to support those humans.

Pick yourself up,

Dust yourself off and

Start all over again……. yes you can and we’re all going to help, aren’t we?


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