Meet Rebecca: Senior Programme Manager & Co-lead Cancer Research Project Managers Network

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After my BSc in Biochemistry and an MRes in Bioinformatics I decided not to follow an academic career path like many of my friends. However it turned out that University was the place for me and after a couple of years out I started at The University of Manchester supporting academics in the field of radiotherapy related research (RRR). Over fifteen years later I’m still here, and still working in radiotherapy research management!

The role and the group has grown enormously, and as a Senior Programme Manager I am responsible for the large-scale infrastructure grants, operational oversight of the group (>120 people) and line management of our excellent team of 10 RRR project managers who keep everything going and the research moving along. I’m grateful I taught myself to juggle as a teenager as that (along with touch typing) is probably my greatest superpower!

The challenge is obviously to keep all those balls in the air and to be kind to myself and others when balls are inevitably dropped. We’re all human. I also know my superpowers do not extend to home-schooling! I’ve been incredibly lucky to leave most of that to my husband and will be very glad when my kids get to return to school and be with their friends again. Just like them, I know I’m motivated by the people around me and working with great women (and men) every day who are there to support each other through the highs and lows are what makes this a fantastic place to be. 


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