Meet Kate: Senior Research Programme Manager & Co-Lead Cancer Research Project Managers Network

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I have worked at The University of Manchester for 20 years having completed a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at UMIST in 1997. After working as a Postdoc at Manchester Science Park for 3 years, I moved to the University to work in research business- and then research development management at a Division level within Cancer Sciences. In 2000, I felt that it was time to use my skills more directly within a research environment and became a research programme manager with the lymphoma team in the Division of Cancer Sciences funded by Teenage Cancer Trust. As part of this role, I worked with students at the University to develop an awareness campaign for signs and symptoms of cancers that affect younger people – 

I am currently funded by Cancer Research UK on 2 programmes of research and will soon be supporting an International project looking at the effects of radiotherapy on children with brain tumours funded by Stand Up to Cancer and Cancer Research UK.

I am passionate about ‘Team Science’ and firmly believe that all members of a research team contribute to the delivery of research and, ultimately, improved outcomes for patients with cancer. I am also keen to ensure that colleagues in our networks are supported, have appropriate and effective line management and have access to development opportunities. This is an ongoing challenge and the work we are now doing with the support of Vikki has been enormously empowering and has given me renewed enthusiasm to take this forward. 

I have a husband, 2 children and 3 cats. I have been asked to comment on what motivates me to get out of bed – this is usually Pickle, our hungriest cat! 

In my spare time, I run a foodback session for the Fallowfield and Withington Foodbank and I really enjoy running and Pilates. I am constantly challenged by my lack of running ability! 

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