Introducing the Women in Medicine Society

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The Women in Medicine Society is a new student society that was set up in September 2019. The aims of the society are to promote the personal and professional development of women in medicine and to also promote improving the health of women in society. We do this through our three main themes: Careers, Support and knowledge. Our events and platform hope to provide careers guidance, knowledge on health issues and to be a support network for students.

We have a committee of 13 passionate and enthusiastic members. We range from pre-clinical medical students to clinical medical students. With a variety of roles and skills we have managed to successfully deliver 3 popular events this academic year.

Our first event was in October of 2019 where we shed light on domestic violence. We had two speakers give us a research and clinical perspective on domestic violence and how to spot it as medical professionals. Since then we have had talks surrounding wellbeing and work-life balance as well as dealing with failure. Recently we teamed up with the Athena Swan team from the medical school to host a very successful panel event surrounding gender and careers. We have been grateful to have such engagement being a new society.

Our social media platforms are very active, and we have two consistent series that we post: Women Wednesday’s where we shed the spotlight on some inspirational women in the history of medicine and Feel Good Fridays which promote wellbeing amongst medical students.

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