COVID-19 outbreak rates and infection attack rates associated with the workplace: a descriptive epidemiological study

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Journal papers, Theme 1: Outbreak investigations | 0 comments

This paper, produced by researchers from Theme 1 of the PROTECT study, investigates the relative frequency and size of COVID-19 outbreaks in different workplaces and industrial sectors in England.

Using UK Health Security Agency  data from 18 May to 12 October 2020, the researchers calculated outbreak rates (the proportion of workplaces that experienced an outbreak) and average outbreak attack rates (the proportion of workers infected) in different geographical areas and sectors (excluding care homes, hospitals and educational settings).

Results suggest food manufacturing and packing facilities as the workplaces with the highest outbreak rates. However, the attack rate was higher in smaller workplaces, with the highest rates in close-contact services (such as hairdressers), followed by restaurants and other caterers.



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