How can I help ensure rooms are ventilated properly?

by | Oct 5, 2022 | Advice for employers/decision makers, Preventing the spread of respiratory viruses, Ventilation | 0 comments

If you are responsible for managing workplace buildings, it would be useful to provide information about how rooms are ventilated, and reassurance around how systems are checked and maintained.

Surveys of employees and business owners carried out during the PROTECT study suggest that although mechanical ventilation is found in many workplaces, there is a lack of understanding about how well-ventilated rooms should be and what a system provides. The COVID-OUT study protocol: COVID-19… | Wellcome Open Research

There is usually little ability for a user to control the mechanical ventilation in a room, and mechanical ventilation doesn’t have the same visual clues that it is working as opening windows does. People also commonly mistake air conditioning units for ventilation.


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