What are the benefits of HE?

There are loads of benefits that going into higher education can bring and we will have already touched on some of these at previous Gateways days. This year, we want to have a more in-depth look. The benefits that higher education can bring last a lifetime so it’s important that you’re all clued up now so that in the future, you’re able to make informed choices.

We think that the best people to tell you about the benefits are people who are currently experiencing HE! We’ve split up all of the benefits into 3 categories so make sure you watch each video to see what our student ambassadors think are the benefits of HE.

Social and cultural benefits

Employability and financial benefits

Personal and transferable skill benefits

Now you know about the benefits that come along with HE, let’s think about how you can actually get to HE. Click ‘read more’ in boxes below to explore pathways into HE.

How do I get into HE?

Find out about the journey into HE.

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