Extension Activities for the Classroom 

These activities are designed for specific age groups, to encourage them to think about higher education and university, in more detail, outside of our Gateways sessions and webpages.  

Year 8 Extension Activities

Activity 1: Create your own university campus

This activity has been created to encourage students to think about their ideal university campus; what would be taught there, what the campus would look like, and what social activities you could do whilst studying there. Through being creative and designing their own campus, they can start to understand what aspects of a university they would look for when choosing their own higher education options.

Year 9 Extension Activities

Activity 1: Alphabet Soup Challenge – The Career Edition

This activity has been created to encourage Year 9 students to think about the different career options that are available to them, that they may not have heard of before.

This short video introduces the activity and discusses how the career landscape is likely to change over the coming years.


Year 10 Extension Activities

Activity 1: Create a Society Workshop

This activity has been created to get students thinking about the societies that are available for them to join, should they choose to come to university. We want students to understand that the Students Union and social activities are as important as academic study when it comes to studying at university.

This activity allows them to be creative and work as a team, whilst creating their own society that they can share with their class.

This video will talk them through the session:

Resources needed for this activity:

Year 11 Extension Activities

Activity 1: Introduction to UCAS

This activity has been designed as an introduction to the use of UCAS for students who are starting to consider their higher education options; the course they want to study, and where they may study. Students will be encouraged to think about what is important to them when making these decisions.

This video will guide you through the workshop:

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