Gateways online delivery for 20/21

Due to the Covid related national and regional lockdown policies, we will be delivering Gateways virtually this year. We can’t run full event days online with the usual IAG content and academic enrichment workshops, so we have created an alternative delivery programme of 2 hours IAG sessions and are encouraging teachers to source academic enrichment activities via other University of Manchester outreach opportunities. 

  • Pupils in Year 8, 9 and 10 will be asked to attend two virtual Gateways sessions per year group this year. The first will be a 2 hour IAG session; the second will be a 1 hour student ambassador led Q&A.
  • Pupils in Year 11 will be invited to attend a 2.5 hour virtual conference in December 2020.

We are still hopeful that we may be able to deliver a version of the Year 7 day on-campus at the University of Manchester, so information on the Year 7 days (which normally take place in May and June) will be provided once confirmed.

Session One – IAG session

A 2 hour IAG session exclusively for your pupils delivered via GoToWebinar or your software of preference. Pre-booked with us via an online booking form at the start of the academic year. This booking form will be opened in September 2020 and dates will be confirmed as soon as possible after this date.

These sessions will be hosted live by a member of the Gateways Team, and will also contain some pre-recorded content featuring other UoM staff and student ambassadors, which the event host will control. Only the teacher will  be able to communicate with the Gateways team during this session, via the question function.

During the session, we will ask you to collect questions from your pupils for use in their student ambassador Q&A session. You will then email those questions to the Gateways team.

Session Two: – Student Ambassador Q&A session

A 1 hour Q&A session with our student ambassadors, which will be attended by multiple schools and their pupils, and delivered via Gotowebinar. Pre-booked with us via an online booking form at the start of the academic year (form available in September 2020).

These sessions will be hosted live by the ambassadors and will run fortnightly.

Ambassadors will be given the questions collected by teachers at the IAG sessions in advance, but you will also be able to ask additional questions from your pupils during the session, using the question function.

Accessing other content

For academic enrichment presentations and workshops that we can’t provide as part of Gateways this year, we encourage you to visit the University’s Why Study page and watch our Why Study Videos (available now) or book in WP fellows to deliver activities virtually (available from October 1st 2020)

Extension activities on our website

During 20/21 we hope to add extension activities you can do with your pupils to our new Gateways website – keep checking the website for new content!

Outreach at the University of Manchester

Visit the University of Manchester’s Schools and Colleges webpages to find out about other outreach opportunities for and you school

School and Colleges webpages