Year 11 student life conference 2020/21

On December 15th the Gateways Team hosted a virtual conference for Gateways pupils in Year 11.

Our aim was to introduce pupils to parts of the University of Manchester that look after student experience and get students thinking about what they would want a university they attended to offer.

We had videos about:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • The University Libraries
  • The Careers Service
  • The Disability Advisory and Support Service
  • The Students’ Union
  • University Accommodation
  • Sport
  • Access Manchester Programmes for Year 12/13

These videos talk about services provided at the University of Manchester, but most universities or Higher Education Institutions will have similar services. In watching these video pupils can get used to knowing what to expect during higher education study.

If you were unable to take part in this session, why not watch the videos below and complete the worksheet we created for pupils to complete during the conference day?

Click to download Year 11 conference worksheets.

About Teaching and Learning at The University of Manchester

About The University of Manchester Library Service

About The University of Manchester Careers Service

About The University of Manchester Accommodation

About the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union

About The University of Manchester’s Sport Division

About the University of Manchester Access Schemes for Year 12 and 13 pupils

Why Study?

Why not check out our Why Study? page to find out what our students really think about their courses and about student life.

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