Personal and transferable skills benefits

Many people embark on the journey into higher education as there are huge personal benefits to be gained from the experience. Higher education is also a great time to improve on skills you already have as well as develop new ones!

Gaining confidence

Speak to any student in HE and they’ll tell you how much confidence theyve gained since they left school/college. Each day youll do something new to build your confidence whether that’s meeting new people, being in new surroundings or just generally being pushed out of your comfort zone little by little. Having confidence in yourself will really help you when you’re looking for jobs, but it’s a great personal skill to have too!

Want to know more about how to gain confidence? Check out this great article all about ways to build up your confidence!

Learn and discover

The great thing about HE is that it’s up to you to decide what subject you choose to study. That means that you’re only doing something you love and are interested in. You are taught by leading professionals and researchers in that field whose passion for the subject is infectious and you will leave each lesson wanting to know more – learning and discovering new things each day!

Build on your transferable skills

Transferable skills are skills that can be used across a range of different settings and environments. HE is a chance to build on the transferable skills you already have and even gain new ones. Skills such as organisation, communication, team work, creativity, and leadership are just some of the skills that youll develop at HE level. They also happen to be some of the skills your future employers look for!

We covered transferable skills when you were in Year 9 but just in case you need a refresher, here’s just some of the skills you will be able to build on whilst in HE:

Hopefully this has been a great reminder of all the benefits HE has to offer, let’s move on to exploring how to access higher education.

How do I get into HE?

Find out about the journey into HE and how to plan for a future in HE starting now!

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