Year 9 catch up activities

This page has been created to ensure that the Year 9 students who missed their Year 8 Gateways session in 2020/21 are able to catch up on the key information and activities that were introduced.

Activity 1 – alphabet soup

Find out all about the subjects and courses available for students to study at higher education level, through the alphabet soup activity. 

Watch this short video to introduce the activity:

Resources needed for the activity:

Activity 2 – student fact finder 

This activity introduces pupils to university student life and encourages students to think about what makes university different to school, using questions and answers provided by current undergraduate students. 

Students will be required to watch the following video, and then use the worksheet below to answer the questions: 

Students will need the following resource:

Why Study?

Why not check out our Why Study? page to find out what our students really think about their courses and about student life.

Visit the University of Manchester's Why Study? page!