Year 9 – build your future

Whether you’ve chosen your GCSE options already or are picking them this year, our Year 9 pages will be really useful for you. They’ll help you begin to understand the importance of your studies as you progress through school, and how this will relate to your educational journey including college/sixth form and higher education.

Year 9 can be difficult, as you’re so close to being able to do your chosen subjects (alongside core subjects- of course), but it’s the final push! Work hard, give 100% effort in all of your classes, and you will soon be studying your favourite subjects, and getting stuck into your GCSEs.

Click on the boxes below to explore how to make the most of year 9 and start planning for a future featuring higher education.

GCSEs and your options

Let’s explore why GCSEs are important and more.

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Higher education and skills development

How does higher education help improve your skills?

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Future Goals

Start thinking about what you want for the future you and set some goals

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Why Study?

Why not check out our Why Study? page to find out what our students really think about their courses and about student life.

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