Understanding life at higher education

You will hear the term ‘Student Life’ or ‘The Student Experience’ a lot over the next few years, and these terms refer to the overall experience (both academically and socially) that you will get when you go into higher education.

Student life differs across different forms of HE; student life for someone at university is very different than someone who is doing an apprenticeship. There isn’t one that is better than the other, and should be based on the type of student experience that suits you as an individual.

Read on by clicking ‘read more’ in the boxes below to find out more about student life for students at university, doing a HE course at a college, and students doing an apprenticeship, and start to understand the route that will best suit your wants and needs.

Student life at university

What is HE student life like at universities?

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Student life at a further education college

What is HE student life in further education?

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Student life as an apprentice

What is HE student life like during an apprenticeship?

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