Recent GP consultation before death by suicide in middle-aged males: a national consecutive case series

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Faraz et al (2023)

Reducing suicide risk in middle-aged males is a national priority. This study was a descriptive examination of suicide in a national consecutive sample of middle-aged men (aged 40-54 years) who died in 2017 in England, Scotland, and Wales (n=1,517). Information was collected on the factors related to suicide from official investigations (such as coroner inquests) into a sample of these individual deaths (n=242).

Over two-fifths of men had their last GP consultation within 3 months of death, and of these, over half presented with a mental health problem. Men with recent GP contact before suicide were more likely to have recent self-harm, a current major physical illness, work-related problems, and to have presented with a mental health problem than men who died by suicide who had not recently seen their GP.

We identified clinical factors that GPs and primary care clinicians should be alert to when assessing middle-aged men.

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