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What Works in Teaching?

Last semester, Becki Bennett hosted a presentation on what works in teaching where she looked at what we have learned throughout the pandemic.  One thing which stood out is what really makes the most difference when it comes to good teaching and learning is you – the teacher. We also evaluated the teaching award nominations and saw in our students’ responses that what they most value are teachers who are engaging, passionate and inspirational; those that provide support & a sense of community; lecturers who have an organised blackboard space with good communication skills; those who give great feedback and respond to theirs; interactivity, innovation and the use of alternative assessments.

As a result, we are hosting a mini-series of panel based sessions, within the Teaching Online workshops, on the above themes. The third will be:

Being Organised, Structured and Communicating Effectively
10th May 2022, 10:30am

with Arif Khurshed (AMBS), Caitlin Henry (SEED), and Paul Tobin (SOSS)

Arif, Caitlin & Paul’s students describe their courses as perfectly organised and varied, talking about how obvious it is that their lectures have spent a great deal of time and effort into designing the overall structure of the courses, as well as their raving about their straightforward explanations – how being clear makes their learning more efficient, as well as providing an interesting experience.

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Being Helpful, Supportive and Building a Sense of Community
Postponed from 5th April – new date TBC

with Jennifer Rose (AMBS), Melanie Giles (SALC), and Johan Oldekop (SEED)

Jennifer, Melanie and Johan’s students describe them as dedicated, empathic lecturers who go above and beyond, discussing the way they prioritise their students’ mental health by checking in on how they doing, describing how approachable and kind they are, and how they’re always there to provide great support and guidance – and how this ‘human touch’ helps motivate them, even during the quite difficult period of the pandemic.

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Teaching Innovation Collective 2021/2022

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Previous Teaching Online Workshops 2021/22

8 - Being Engaging, Passionate and Inspirational

Following on from the previous “What Works in Teaching?” workshop, we are hosting a mini-series of panel based sessions, within the Teaching Online workshops.

In the first panel of this series, we learned about what led students to describe Patricia Perlman Lee (AMBS), David Butler (SALC), Ross Jones (SEED) and Peter Backus (SOSS) as enthusiastic, extremely engaging and stimulating lecturers.

Date: 16th March 2022.

Click here for more info and to watch the recording

7 - Piazza vs Padlet vs Blackboard Discussion Boards

In this session and Dan Rigby & Alex Squires (SoSS) summarised their experience of using 3 discussion tools: Piazza, Padlet and Blackboard Forums and shared some new student feedback on their preferences.

Date: 23rd February 2022.

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6 - Active Language Learning with Voicethread

In this workshop, Dr Sandra Torres (SALC) & Olesya Shipova (eLearning) aimed to exemplify how VoiceThread can be used to engage students into active language earning during asynchronous teaching. With feedback from students, plus VTs advantages and limitations.

Date: 19th January 2022.

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5 - What Works in Teaching? Lessons learnt from the pandemic and what’s next...

In this session Becki Bennett (SoSS) discussed what has worked and what we’ve learned so far from teaching online and dual teaching, including student feedback.

We looked at UoM’s Flexible Learning Plan and considered how teaching may look in the future.

Date: 8th December 2011

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4 - Home broadcasting: beyond the Zoom meeting

In this workshop, Michael O’Donoghue (SEED) explored ways in which your home phone line and kitchen can become a multi-camera live streaming studio. With demos of the equipment used and techniques adapted from television and broadcast to home use.

Date: Wednesday 24th November 2021

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3 - Piazza Discussion Boards in Humanities – Why Bother?

This presentation by Max Jones (SALC) examined how Piazza Discussion Boards can be used to enhance courses in Humanities, both by helping students develop key skills and by helping build learning communities.

Date: 10th November 2021

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2 - Where students are coming from: Student experience and teaching at A level

In this session, Dan Foulder of Loreto College, Manchester discussed where students are ‘at’ when they finish A levels and start undergraduate study.

This included the monitoring of different groups of students, including widening participation students and those with additional needs. We explored how this can be used to inform teaching and support the transition from sixth form to university.

Date: 5th October 2021.

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1 - Dual Delivery with Pre-sessional students

During the summer of 2021, Ruth Fordham & Rachel Heasley (SALC) tested out Dual Delivery with students.  In this session, they shared what they did, answered questions about technical issues, and discussed how to manage expectations.

Date: 24th September 2021

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