The project is based in the University of Manchester and directed by Peter Wade (Social Anthropology) with co-investigators Lúcia Sá and Ignacio Aguiló (Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies), plus three post-doctoral Research Associates hired to work on the project, Ana Vivaldi, Jamille Pinheiro Dias, and Carlos Correa Angulo.

The project has three Latin American co-investigators (Ezequiel Adamovsky from the Universidad Nacional San Martín, Felipe Milanez from the Universidade Federal da Bahia, and Mara Viveros Vigoya from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia), and three Latin American advisers (Alejandro Frigerio from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Pedro Mandagará from the Universidade de Brasília, and Liliana Angulo, an Afro-Colombian artist).

The project works with four research assistants in Latin America: Lorena Cañuqueo and Pablo Cossio in Argentina; Arissana Pataxó in Brazil; and Rossana Alarcón in Colombia. 

Finally, CARLA has an International Advisor, Mónica Moreno Figueroa of the University of Cambridge.