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Climate-wise – so far

Here’s an overview of synergistic thinking on the ‘collective climatic intelligence’, and the pathways so far mapped

what you see here is the ‘visual thinking’ cartoon version – the analytic diagrams for ‘cognitive systems analysis’ are coming shortly on the Resources

(all drawn from the book Deeper City and related projects)


The climate-wise energy policy cycle is well known to the historians of the future…


Mapping of inter-connected challenges – versus – inter-connected pathways



 alternative scenarios for agri-food-climate systems (based on IPCC-SRES 2000)


Overview of carbon cycle & boundary questions in cities & regions


Mapping global energy-climate synergies via four structural pathways


5 questions on adaptation – from ‘defence’ to ‘transformation’


Energy retrofit is integral to urban adaptation, with wider and deeper co-learning


 Co-evolution from linear to circular resource flows: with multiple interconnected value cycles


 Co-evolution from MADDER to WISER:  climatic intelligence for know how, who, & why